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Island Girl Beauty Problems & Solutions

Updated: Feb 16

Island living is amazing but our beauty struggles can be a bit different! Let's dig in!

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If you are an Island girl or live in a country with High Humidity, High heat & Beaches this is for you!

One of the best feelings when you live where others vacation, is leaving your house in your swimsuit and driving or walking to the beach, and jumping in with complete bliss.

But then you have to deal with your skin and hair afterwards!

Yup, most of us natural ladies know all about the struggles of trying to have Instagram hair on an Island that wants to destroy it.

( figuratively of course lol)

Most of us know a few of the hair enemies;

  • Overminipulation

  • Styling heat damaging

  • Chemical damage

Island Girls' additional Hair enemies


Now we know that the sun does damage to your skin without SPF and proper care but did you know that prolonged time in the sun can damage hair just as much or worse than heat from styling? Just a fun fact for the Island chicas.


Questioning why my hair is always so frizzy, scalp and face doing the most?

It could be a slew of things but the humidity where you live can attribute to your bad hair days.


I know, we all love the ocean! But, fun fact, prolonged time in the sun and sea will cause hair & skin damage without proper care.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I am always here to help and provide simple solutions!

I speak to so many different women wondering what they are doing wrong and why their hair is so damaged?

When you live on an Island you have to keep these factors in mind and just add them to your self-care lifestyle to reap the benefits.

Here are a few reminders before you hit the beach or have a day around town! marketing

Island Girl Essentials

Hat & Shades

Photo Credits Canva

Sis, please oh please protect your hair, skin and eyes!

When it comes to #skinandhairgoals it's okay to be extra!

Wearing hats & shades to the beach and when you are in direct sunlight for long periods helps prevent:

  • Hair drying out

  • Heat Damage from long sun /ends splitting

  • Sunburn to the eyes ( yes it's a thing!)

  • Sunburn on the face

Last summer we had the privilege of talking with the owner of the Lacquered Lounge in St. Georges and she told us all about making sure to use SPF. So let's add hats and shades to the list as well!

Island Girl Inspired

Protective Styles

We don't know if you are tired of hearing it but we won't stop telling you to put your hair in natural protective styles for healthy hair goals!

As we said before, living in a country with high humidity, harsh sun and saltwater are all components of why hair has difficulty thriving. We as naturals have an important part to play in protecting our hair if we want results.

You are the caretaker of your hair garden so learn how to nourish & flourish it!

So, be the master of your hair! Learn what she loves and you will find your star product!

Protecting your mane doesn't have to be dull! We all love a good twist on the right occasion. make sure it suits you and the environment to be sure you're not damaging your hair just to look good for a day.

photo credits VM.Co-Marketing

As always we hope these tips have been helpful!

If so, send us some love and share.

Until next time!



Photo credits Marketing

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