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Why Isn't My Hair Growing?!

Do you look at your hair length month after month and think, "Has my hair grown at all"?

Here are 4 reasons why you may not be seeing the length retention you so long for #HairGoals.

We live in a culture where we want things to almost happen overnight. We watch youtube and see women with waist-length hair and think either, " They must have good genes" or " It must be the products they use".

Now I am not arguing against either one of these points because genetics play a huge role in how your hair grows and if you have any growth problems in your family then you already know your source.

To the next point " It must be the products they use" For me, this is a yes and a no.

Hair products can‘t grow your hair faster👈🏾

✅ They can help keep your hair healthy so that your hair continues to grow at its optimum level in its growth cycle.

✅ Hair products can strengthen and protect your hair from certain damage, keeping it from breaking and allowing you to retain length!

But the thought that any hair product will give you waist-length hair in a few months is a myth.

4 Reason Why Your Not Reaching Your Hair Length Goals!


Look, I get it! Those youtube videos give us natural ladies so much life and we want to try out every style on a day-to-day basis, but we can't!

Especially us 4a-c sistas. Our hair needs protection. Did you know those of African descent's hair is the most prone to damage & dryness? I'm sure you did but I say this fact because we don't treat our hair as gently as we should.

So heres a tip: Find a cute style you love and make sure it can stretch out at least a week , but throughout that week you still need to make sure your hair is not drying out and loosing moisture.

Get yourself some moisturizing hair spray!

You can hurt your hair growth by putting it in protective styles and thinking that your job is done!

You still have to make sure your hair is well moisturized in any protective style especially if your hair is already prone to frizziness, dryness, and split ends!

Hair Shrinkage

Did you know (depending on your hair type ) depending on how much your hair shrinks you can know how healthy your hair is? Hair shrinkage is a good thing!

Hair shrinkage gets us all. Sometimes we can assume our hair isn't growing because of how much our hair shrinks. You can't always tell your hair progress when your hair is always in a shrunken fro. But there are many ways to help stretch your hair out and start to see your growth.

Tip: It is said that keeping your hair stretch for periods of time can help your hair stay tangle-free thus helping you to retain length. Set your hair dryer on cool , make sure your hair is moisturized and keep your hair in stretching styles for a few days each week. If you commit you will start to see your length!

Not washing your hair often enough

Listen, If I hear, my hair works better when is dirty one more time...

No, it doesn't, it works better when you understand what your hair needs and when you accept your hair type.

Your hair and scalp will never thrive being dirty. All you are doing is suffocating your scalp and preventing your growth. You have to play around with styles and products that best suit your hair.

Masking your hair with styling products is not always the answer and if you want to see that growth, you should have a regular wash and conditioning schedule.

Tip : Have a self care day at least every 2 weeks depending on the products you use in your hair. If you know you use gels and products that cause build up you should wash your hair once a week.

Poor Diet

Yup, I'll say it louder! Your hair growth can be affected by your diet!

Do you drink enough water on an average day? Did you know that your water intake can directly affect the clarity of your skin and your hair moisture levels!

The quote beauty begins within is 100%.

It wasn't until I found out I was iron deficient, that I started taking my health seriously because of my energy levels. Once I started taking regular Multivitamins, Drinking almost only water, eating more plant-based meals I began to see a huge difference all over and oh yes in my hair!

Tip: Press the reset button. start to incorperate more water , fruits, vegetables and multivitmains into your diet! We want to be healthier overall in 2021!

A final gem! take your stress level into account as well.

Sis, I can't say it enough, you need to take care of yourself. Find calming activities that bring you peace. Set aside time to pray, Bible journal, book a spa day, walk on the beach. Self-care belongs on your priorities list!

Once you find the balance you will see your #HairGoals #SkinGoals #LifeGoals come together.

Until Next Time



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